Beyond PowerPoint – Prezi

prezioverview1You may already know about Prezi… you may have already used it. If not, check it out. I have found it a very easy to use and useful tool that helps make a presentation vibrant and visually interesting. I’m no master of presentation but I did get positive feedback on the presentation I put together, with my book group (thanks Josh and Greg for your feedback!), on Privilege, Power and Difference by Allan Johnson – I blogged about that book, as well.

One bit of advice with Prezi ~ I noticed it was far more responsive when most of Europe is asleep. Since it is web-based, based in Hungary and it takes a fair bit of bandwidth, this makes sense. Therefore, in much of East Asia, between the hours of 5:00am and 12:00 noon (Beijing, Hong Kong, Manila) seem to be the best times to use it. Another nice thing about Prezi is that they have a pretty extensive library, already, of presentations, so you can see how others use it.

A minor difficulty has to do with the fact that you have to wait, to be approved, to use Prezi for free and you only get a limited number of presentations/space (100mb). It is fairly affordable, though, especially if you think you will be using it often. Anyway, it’s worth looking at if you have been suffering from death by PowerPoint.


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