Cosby Values: Balancing Parenting and Education

CosbypicMy wife and I grew up watching Fat Albert. My kids have grown up with Little Bill. You could say that Bill Cosby values are part of our family values. They include having the courage to be yourself.  Bill Cosby lives the values he preaches and he has come under some criticism for it, lately.  He has certainly earned the right to speak his mind as a parent of 5 children and an educator with a doctorate in education from the University of Massachusetts.

Most of what Cosby preaches is common sense: Cosby on Parenting 1:

How can we educators support good parenting? I have some suggestions.

  • Support communication: keep parents in the loop and encourage parents to establish a routine of communication with their children.
  • Encourage responsibility: Don’t do anything for a child that they can’t do themselves.
  • Encourage social awareness: The world is changing rapidly, yet, there are still huge divisions between rich and poor. In many respects, today’s children of the educated are far more privileged and have far more resources at their disposal… help them put those resources to use to benefit those less fortunate.
  • Encourage environmental awareness: The legacy of environmental destruction we leave our children must be reversed – as parents and educators it’s our duty to inculcate this in our children.

Show good character.  Live good character.  Be a positive role model.  If you have any additions to this list, feel free to say so.

Dr. Ben Carson has held Bill Cosby up as a positive role model.  We need positive role models. Dr. Carson also speaks of how he feels society has changed in terms of a reluctance to show some civic responsibility…


And, finally… Cosby humor.  Laughter really is the best medicine and it helps us reflect on life’s bigger picture.  AND


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