The Little Things Matter

It’s been said many times before but it’s definitely worth repeating… the little things matter. There’s nothing better to start your day with than a warm smile and a friendly “good morning”.  Actually, smiles are incredible energizers! Even in this high tech day and age of cell phones and instant messaging, smiles … :), ;), :>), etc. have their place!

Other little things also matter… for schools, having teacher supplies ready BEFORE kids get to the classes, teaching schedules set, COPY MACHINES IN GOOD WORKING ORDER (did you notice that I emphasized that?), etc.  The wonderful thing about summer is that we educators get the chance to recharge our batteries.  As administrators, we also get that wonderful work time when we can ease into work and make preparations so that when teachers arrive back, we’re ready to roll!

Let’s all take time, regularly, to reflect on the little things that matter and appreciate what we have.  Life presents us with numerous opportunities to balance the little things with the big things… they both matter.   Have a great, new, academic year!!!


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