She came in through the bathroom window…

I have to admit, this is a bizarre post for me! It was prompted by two things: listening to the Beatles (yes, from Abbey Road: “She Came In Through The Bathroom Window”) and surfing blogs where I came across the image at the left.  It’s irresistible! I’m a sucker for chocolate… chocolate pastries… a serious weakness. I couldn’t pass that image up!

So why blog about it?  It brought me to a point of contemplation re: life.  Yes, I’m getting older.  This past week and a half, though, was a doozie! An uncle who has been terminal for the past month looks like he’s REAL close to the end; a friend’s mother just passed away; a dear work associate died suddenly and it was my birthday.

Talk about a set-up for some serious life-reflection!  What does it all mean? (BTW – what were McCartney and Lennon thinking when they wrote that song!?…

If you live like there’s no tomorrow and “enjoy the moment” won’t you be broke REAL FAST!?

I guess, I inevitably come back to the idea of balance, moderation and appreciating what we have. That way, we can still enjoy life now AND later.  Peace.


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