EAs – Ed Acronyms Gone Crazy: PLCs, UbD, CFAs, D3M, etc.

I recently Skyped (using VoIP) with a colleague who actually said , “Good to know your school is very familiar with UbD, where are you at re: PLCs? Because in order to get the most out of CFAs tied to D3M you need to have developed your PLC with a solid understanding of UbD”… centered, of course, on student learning.

Are we acronym happy? Two things struck me about that interaction: 1) The communication made 100% sense to me; 2) Someone outside of ‘education’ would have a hard time following that. Acronyms help us communicate efficiently. The problem is, if we don’t have a clear, shared understanding of these acronyms (especially UbD and PLCs), we’re in serious trouble ( other acronyms come to mind here but they’re not appropriate in a family environment, but that’s TMI, LOL!).


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