Feedback and Learning

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This isn’t a unique insight, yet, it strikes me that it must be more than stated over and over, it must be acted upon: Learning occurs from feedback. The more timely the better. Think about any learning you have. It’s a result of feedback. What’s the implication for teaching?

If one ‘teaches’ do others automatically learn? I guess it depends on whether our definition of teaching has a distinct place for feedback.

I just finished facilitating a small faculty focus group with the goal of developing suggestions for principals on teacher observations. What was the number one suggestion? You guessed it… FEEDBACK. Teachers want to learn, too.

That’s encouraging news for me. It means that a school really can be a learning community (you may be excused for assuming that that’s what schools automatically are). It’s not automatic, it takes deliberate action. What do teachers want to learn? How to have maximum positive impact on student learning. This relates to my previous post on acronyms. PLC is an often mis-used and misunderstood acronym It’s the understanding behind what a learning community really is that counts most. I’m excited because my school community is on the verge of realizing and becoming a very powerful reality. If we can stay the course of collaborating in committed teams focused on improving student learning we will be a living example of the true meaning of a PLC.


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