Back at it!

I love sites like that have random quotes… it’s amazing the direction one can take you!  I just saw the following quote on their random quote of the day post:

Don’t worry about people stealing your ideas. If your ideas are any good, you’ll have to ram them down people’s throats.

~ Howard Aiken (American computer engineer and mathematician 1900-1973)

My first reaction… I laughed! That’s good, I thought. Then, I thought some more… I’m preparing for faculty orientation, starting very soon… no, that’s not so great. I would like to think I have plenty of good ideas… My leadership philosophy (and life philosophy, in general) is NOT, “Ram it down their throats”! Yet, I admit to being frustrated, at times, by what appears to me to be good, common-sensical ideas that aren’t put into practice. The question is, why?

As with so many things (broken record, here…) it all comes down to two essential and inter-related things: trust and communication. My wife (knowing what a sucker I am for ‘Leadership readings’) sent me an article link from ForbesThe 8 Steps to Authentic Leadership. Again! There in black and white – how essential trust is, how linked it is to proactive communication. It takes time, too!

I love this visual summary by Jack Ricchiuto, at Network Weaving:

From Network Weaving - The Trust Equation 1.0!

So, as we head into a new school year, let’s work on that trust thing.  Patiently, presuming positive intentions and asking questions (the best ones are difficult ones) that help us all reflect and improve!



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