Positive Energy – Positive Expectations

Students in classes, once again.  The cycle restarts. Positive energy abounds.

In fact, I’m feeling pretty positive for two main reasons: I’m back in the classroom again… as a teacher, AND despite work being… well… WORK, it’s going pretty smoothly so far.  Orientation was short, a bit intense but IMHO went well. I think the core message – what we’re here for as educators – came through loud and clear.  Light that fire, encourage those questions, help the students meet learning goals (feedback in the form of formative assessments and trying new strategies, helps) really embrace our role as educators/guides/mentors and COLLABORATE and learn together.

I feel amazingly relaxed for having such a full plate (leading school accreditation, setting up MAP testing, guiding school-wide curriculum work, managing Professional Development for faculty, empowering HODs to facilitate learning on all levels, and teaching that class). I’ve talked about presuming positive intentions – something I regularly remind myself of.  An extension of that is establishing positive expectations. To me, that means expectations that are realistic and help us all move forward – learning together. Positive expectations for me and what I can offer – realistically. Positive expectations for my students and what they can achieve.  Positive expectations for faculty in what they can achieve.

The start of a new year SHOULD be positive… let’s keep that energy going through the entire year!


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