How much TEA for you?

In my previous post I touched on the concept, introduced to our faculty by Jennifer Sparrow during an EARCOS Weekend Workshop, of TEA… Targets, Evidence, Action(s). It’s a great way to organize thinking on what we do as a school. In many respects, it’s a simplified version of creating a results-oriented school advocated by Mike Schmoker, Rick & Becky DuFour, and others. In fact, it simplifies the SMART Goals process originally established by Jan O’Neill and Ann Conzemius.

From Jennifer Sparrow EARCOS Weekend Workshop, Sept. 3-4, 2011

Our job is to focus on student learning and how to improve it. It’s just common sense that we first figure out what we want our students to learn (learning objectives/Performance Standards); gather evidence that indicates how well they are ‘getting it’; and develop a plan of action to ensure they are supported and able to reach those intended learning goals. A simple, direct approach to helping all learners meet their goals. Thanks again, Jennifer Sparrow! Cuppa TEA?


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