Hope for the human race…

ok… Apologies in advance, this is not my normal education/collaboration/stay positive/communication/balance post!

Well, I’m sure I’ll tie-in to those ideas, somehow. Anyway! What a weird week (yes, it’s only Tuesday)! I have had a few strange, funny articles shared with me or that I’ve come across that I’ve just got to throw on this page:

15 Food Companies that Serve You ‘Wood‘, EU bans claim that water can prevent dehydration, and Fox News Viewers Know Less Than People Who Don’t Watch Any News: Study

Seriously!? Common thread? The cynic in me has a not very positive answer… I’m just thankful that I’m not surrounded by the people being discussed in those articles! Humor IS important, after all… we just need to TRY not to make it others’ expense but… boy! Some really seem to set themselves up.

Anyway, let’s keep the important things in mind… these articles certainly illustrate the importance of perspective, balance, reflection and education that promotes critical thinking (See! There IS an education/stay positive/balance connection!).


And (never start your sentences with “And”)… the Philippines has got to be one of the best places in the world to be heading into the Christmas season (after all, we’ve been gearing up since September!)… may we all enjoy the conclusion of this year and look forward to a better (smarter) year in 2012!



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