We shape lives… we shape values!

As a former Character Counts™ Trainer I try to stay ‘up’ with the latest in character education and I subscribe to Michael Josephson’s weekly commentaries. In a recent commentary called “Shaping Values, Shaping Lives”, Mr. Josephson discussed the opportunities and aggravations that all parents face when it comes to trying to raise children well.

As educators, we have a special responsibility and unique opportunity to help make this world a better place… one classroom at a time. In fact, our influence on children’s success in school is on par with parents and exceeds the famous ‘peer pressure’ that exists:

For both boys and girls, the researchers found that social support from adults, particularly from teachers—in the form of encouraging engagement in school, emphasizing the value of an education and facilitating participation in extracurricular activities—could counteract the negative influence of peers.

(From, “Teachers, parents trump peers in keeping teens engaged in school“.)

There’s a lot more than just common sense to support the age-old statement by Henry Adams, “A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” Together, we make an enormous difference!


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