How to keep ‘rolling’…

Attribution: Flickr Creative Commons-Dunechaser,

It’s easy to be positive when things are going well but how do you stay positive when confronted with multiple challenges, roadblocks, fits & starts, etc.?

  • Stay most closely connected to like-minded, energetic individuals that you can get energy/motivation from;
  • Likewise, avoid those full of negativity and if you can’t – try to focus on positive common interests (the next fun trip, reminiscences of past happy times, good family moments, etc.);
  • Get/Stay physically active – those endorphins are natural stress fighters but you need to ACTIVate them;
  • Think of a way to help others – especially those less fortunate than you (this accomplishes two things: keeps things in perspective; makes joy for others which feels good for you).

I know there’s many more ideas about how to keep ‘rolling’… what are yours?

Attribution: Flickr Creative Commons-Aunti K,


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