Typically, I don’t write a lot over the summer. I love trying to ‘catch up’ with all the reading I have wanted to do. That said, when I read this #CHARLESTONCHURCHSHOOTING; it resonated so much with me that I had to share it! Seriously!? Bill Ferriter has many great insights. This post, though, really gets to the essence of why I am an educator. Thank you William Ferriter!


2 thoughts on “Can’t help it REPOST – #CHARLESTONCHURCHSHOOTING

  1. Bill Ferriter

    Glad you dug that bit, Joesph.

    Honestly, I worry about our communities and our kids. We live in a world where everything feels like political warfare, and the only way that we bring peace is by looking for common ground — something that doesn’t happen often enough.

    Anyway — rock right on,

  2. jlevno Post author

    You hit the nail on the head! The positive for me is that there are a lot of great educators who are continually guiding student (and, often, parent) awareness to really think deeply/critically, question what the media throws at them, question their own beliefs (in terms of why they have them and where they came from) and seek that common ground. The more we can spread the message and build awareness, the better!

    Thanks, again!


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