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REPOST – Edutopia News – March 18

One out of a few useful articles!

Please, please, please… read this, click on the links, soak the ideas in AND USE THEM!

Edutopia News – March 18

Once again, Edutopia scores big, for student learning and teacher support!!!


Classroom Techniques: Formative Assessment Idea Number Five

Wordle_blogClassroom Techniques: Formative Assessment Idea Number Five.

We’re always looking for good formative assessment ideas! NWEA (owners of MAP) has a blog with some useful strategies (see link above)… they also have a “SPARK” community blog that helps teachers and administrators that use MAP tests, use the data better!

No need to reinvent the wheel… let’s not forget another masterful blog with a plethora of assessment resources, Andrew Churches Educational Origami blog.